Ninety Nine Years

Choreographed by: Diana Dawson (Nov 09)
Music: Cocaine Blues by Root'n Toot'n (CD: 8th Album of the Year 99)
Descriptions: 32 count - 4 wall - Beginner level line dance
Start on vocals 
Grapevine Right, Grapevine Left Turn, Scuff 
1-2Step right to side, cross left behind right 
3-4Step right to side, touch left together 
5-6Step left to side, cross right behind left 
7-8Turn left and step left forward, scuff right forward (9:00) 
Step, Scuff, Step, Scuff, Right Jazz Box, Scuff 
1-2Step right forward, scuff left forward 
3-4Step left forward, scuff right forward 
5-6Cross right over left, step left back 
7-8Step right to side, scuff left forward 
Left Jazz Box, Touch, Monterey Turn, Touch 
1-2Cross left over right, step right back 
3-4Step left to side, touch right together 
5-6Touch right to side, turn right and step right together (3:00) 
7-8Touch left to side, touch left together 
Left Rocking Chair, Left Step, Pivot Turn, Step, Clap 
1-2Step left forward, rock back to right in place 
3-4Step left back, rock right forward in place 
5-6Step left forward, pivot turn right (9:00) 
7-8Step left forward, hold/clap