Let's Dance

Choreographed by: Maria Tao, USA (Apr 10)
Music: Let's Dance by Del Shannon (CD: Rock On!)
Descriptions: 64 count - 4 wall - Intermediate level line dance
Intro: 20 count 
1-8Heel Toe Strut, Tap Toe Back (X2), Coaster Cross, Hold 
1-4 Dig right heel forward, drop right toe to floor, tap left toe behind right TWICE 
5-8 Step left back, step right beside left, cross left over right, hold 
9-16Vine To R, Step Tog, Swivel To L, Turn R, Kick 
1-4 Step right to right, step left behind right, step right to right, step left beside right 
5-8 Swivel both feet to left, right, left, turn right while kicking right forward (3:00) 
17-24R Back Lock, Kick, L Back Lock, Kick 
1-4 Step right back, step left across right, step right back, kick left forward 
5-8 Step left back, step right across left, step left back, kick right forward 
25-32Back Mambo Step, Hold, Step Fwd, Pivot Turn R, Cross, Hold 
1-4 Rock right back, recover onto left, step right forward, hold 
5-8 Step left forward, pivot turn right, cross left over right, hold (6:00) 
33-40Dwight Swivels, Back Rock, Recover, Hitch & Hop, Hold 
1-2 Swivel left heel to right touching right toe beside right instep, swivel left toe to right touching right heel forward to right diagonal 
3-4 Repeat steps 1-2 (traveling to right) 
5-6 Rock right back, recover onto left 
7-8 Hitch right knee up while hopping left forward slightly, hold 
41-48Step Fwd, Step Tog, Toe Split, Touch Back, Unwind Turn R, Stomp, Hold 
1-4 Step right forward, step left together, heels in place, fan both toes out, toes together 
5-8 Touch right toe back, unwind turn right, stomp left beside right, hold (12:00) 
** RESTART from here DURING WALL 7 
49-56R Touch Out-In-Out, Kick, Behind-Side-Cross, Hold 
1-4 Touch right to right, touch right beside left, touch right to right, kick right forward 
5-8 Step right behind left, step left to left, cross right over left, hold 
57-64L Touch Out-In-Out, Kick, Behind, Turn R, Step Fwd, Hold 
1-4 Touch left to left, touch left beside right, touch left to left, kick left forward 
5-8 Step left behind right, turn right stepping right forward, step left forward, hold (3:00) 
Start Again 
TAG: To be added at the END of WALL 3 (facing 9:00) & WALL 6 (facing 6:00) 
1-4 Rock right forward, recover onto left, rock right back, recover onto left 
RESTART: On WALL 7 (starts facing 6:00) – dance up to count 48 (facing 6:00) – then restart the dance. 
ENDING: At the end of WALL 10 (facing 3:00), add the following steps to finish facing the front 
1-3 Step right forward, pivot turn left, stomp right beside left